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OurServices in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor provides the most skilled and efficient services regardless of whether you move to a landed home, flat, or high-rise condominium. Been spent years in Klang Valley’s residential and commercial moving industry, we have the expertise to move different types of household furniture, from delicate fragile house valuables to big and bulky cabinets. Understanding that your household stuff is the most precious to you, our professional house movers and office movers will do their part at all times and pay close attention to ensuring the protection of your things. We also provide relocation services with a team of professional movers. Our customer’s satisfaction is our main priority.

aron mover Well Trained Movers

Well Trained Movers

As our employee are very professional they are able to pack and move items with special care. By hiring professionals to pack smaller items into boxes or reusable containers can be a great way to save time and ensure that the belongings are well-protected and ready for relocation.

House Moving service

Furniture Wrapping

Protecting furniture from scratches during moving is one of the most important steps in any move. To prevent surface damage on the larger items, our movers will wrap the furniture before loading the items into the truck. Furniture wrapping is also a great way to keep items and prevent dent during relocating process.

House Moving service

Furniture dismantle and fixing

To get large furniture items safely and efficiently to their destination, some pieces need to be disassembled in order to avoid damage that could be caused by moving them intact. Other items are disassembled to make the best use of space on the moving lorry, or to make it easier to move them out of the house.

House Moving service

Quality boxes and wrapping tools

It is very important to use quality boxes as the boxes hold the belongings in place, during the move and protect the items from scratches and avoiding missing during moving. So you don’t want to use old or beaten up boxes that might fall apart during the course of the move. Using standard moving boxes also helps to stack and load boxes tightly on the lorry, since they are all standard sizes Tape to seal the boxes. Foam is from prevent dent and scratches.

Aron Mover Bulk Disposal

Bulk Disposal

Aron Mover Heavy item moving

Heavy item moving

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